Basalt Fibre Minibar
for concrete reinforcement
-an innovative, sustainable, green technology
-no nesting
-limits the use of steel reinforcement
-reduces volume of concrete
-reinforces up to 17 MPa Flexural Tensile Strength
-saving on labor costs
-faster construction
-great workability
-and many other benefits!

New Basalt Fibre technology:
Consisting of chopped fibres with a special coating to prevent ‘nesting’ and with high added value to the concrete.

• Corrosion-Free allows thinner lighter structures
• Zero Conductivity, eliminates galvanic corrosion
• Improved Flexural and Average Residual Strength of Concrete allowing design
freedom, elimination or reduction of normal reinforcement
• Compatible Specific Gravity – 1.9g/cm3 means uniform distribution, the special
coated fibres do not settle or float and are easily mixed.
• Suitable for site work, precast or dry concrete.
• No fibres protrude from Concrete; no fibres are visible on the surface.
• Improved freeze thaw resistance
• Savings of labor costs and faster construction
• Improved abrasion resistance
• Improves safety on site by eliminating handling of traditional steel reinforcement
• Excellent Bond related to engineered rough fiber surface, bond length and diameter.
• Greatly increases toughness and strength of concrete at low dosage
• Enables thinner sections, lower weight products, for easier installation
and transportation
• Suitable for aggressive chloride environments
• Acts as minimum reinforcement to lower cost
• Transforms concrete from a brittle material requiring steel reinforcement to ductile
concrete with tensile strength capacity
• Enables innovative applications to take advantage of the special coated basalt fibres to reduce costs



• Thinner Precast Facades Elements
• Submersed Concrete Products
• Low Cost Structural Slab on Grade
• Low Cost Inner walls
• Highway Slabs & Bridge Decks
• Floating Infrastructure
• Agricultural Products
• Drainage systems
• Grout Systems
• Blast & Impact Resistance
• High Performance Concrete
Applications in use and development:
– Replaces steel minimum reinforcement (wire-welded mesh or bars) in floors and inner walls where cost savings and high performance is a must
– Under Water and Seaside Applications where elimination of corrosion is a must
– Industrial and marine environment floors or slabs where structural strength and crack free corrosion free is a must
– Facade walls where light weight, thinner elements and corrosion free is a must
– Floating Concrete structures where durability and corrosion free is a must
– Tunnel elements and linings where light weight high durability and corrosion free is a must
– Precast or in-situ concrete structure requiring less than 15MPa in TENSION where the steel reinforcement can be reduced, eliminated and or protected